About us

About us

About us

Johnouchi Pre-Secondary School and Secondary School

Upon entering the main gate, students are greeted by the clock tower (tokei-dai). It is well-loved and serves as a popular meeting place among students and staff.


Founded as a prefectural high school in 1980 with the motto "Independence, Cooperation, Progress," Johnouchi enjoys a more than 40-year history of educating some of the best and brightest students in Tokushima. In 2004 it became the first combined junior and senior high school in Tokushima Prefecture. In 2013, Johnouchi was chosen as a leading academic high school; therefore, we have been developing programs to foster global citizens and to advance the academic quality of education in Tokushima.  The school celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019. In 2020, the junior high school and the senior high school were fully integrated, with the senior high school no longer accepting students from other junior high schools beginning spring 2021. In 2023, Johnouchi Secondary School, the first 6-year-secondary school in Tokushima Prefecture, will be fully open.   



《Johnouchi provides ・・・》

abundant opportunities to help our students attain their future goals. At Johnouchi, the students cultivate interconnectedness, global mindedness, and creativity.


Students participate in a wide range of activities designed to develop and strengthen their senses of cooperation, friendship, leadership and understanding of our social communities. These activities consist of multiage groups; they usually meet every day after school and sometimes on the weekends, respecting different senses of values. 


【Club Activities】



Global mindedness

Our students learn about the international world in class as well as out of class. To do that, they learn English so that they can express themselves and communicate with people all over the world. In addition, international cooperation is not a one-way road, so they also learn traditional Japanese culture and customs in order to be better prepared to explain their own culture to foreigners. Through classes, we facilitate our students to think critically and logically.

Johnouchi provides our students with abundant chances to develop global mindedness. For instance, students can visit Australia to learn English as well as the culture. Moreover, we have invited many foreigners to Johnouchi to communicate with our students in English.  




In order to encourage a sense of exploration and forward-thinking curiosity, we provide a wide variety of learning experiences. For example, in science classes, our students are encouraged to experiment and come up with their own theories. Club activities also play a vital role in fostering creativity and cooperation among students. Many students have taken part in local and national competitions.



《School Emblem》

This is the school emblem of Johnouchi, which comes from the shape of the yamamomo plant, Myrica rubra. Each of its three leaves represents one ideal: independence, the foundation of an ever-changing world; cooperation, which is learned through experience during high school; and progress, an endless quest for self-improvement. In addition to representing these three ideals, the three berries also represent the three pillars of education: the acquisition of knowledge, the cultivation of moral character and the development of a strong body.



 《School Mascot》

 She is "Ucchi-na"(うっちーな)and she was born in 2018.